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    regarding the price is concern

    Oh my mistake. I both replied to you in the 1st sentence and all the rest some hints to the OP in one reply. Sorry for confusion.
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    regarding the price is concern

    It means he is a dropshipper like you and me. Going back to your question, motherboards or any electronics is a red flag in most customs offices. So be very careful to calculate properly and inform customers of import tax which may come to around 20-50%. I am a traditional reseller of...
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    Facebook unpublish my page

    Any update on this issue? @Allan, have you browsed through the facebook pages terms ? I cannot confirm this but Facebook eventually will own a community page once its members reach certain numbers.
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    No Paypal API for Personal Account, can we use paypal still?

    Hi Rodrigo, We have to remember that we are doing business already so, what you do is create a business account in Paypal-google it on how it is done. Then somewhere in settings get your Paypal API.
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    I am not able get any sale my store name

    I dont have a store yet but did visited your website and to me too many categories like you are competing to Aliexpress or eBay. I think we need a particular niche (easy to say) but not easy to find. Also if no one knows your store ever existed then no one will visit. So marketing is very...