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    Coronavirus: Chinese Government Shutting Down Dropshipping Functions

    Dropshipping functions shutdown by Chinese government. How this will affect us?
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    Cannot update products

    Tried to update products in bulk or single item, the update just freeze/timed out.
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    AliDropship plugin ver. - UPDATE

    Any plans for adding the "Add to wishlist" features yet?
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    AliDropship plugin ver. 1.8.4 - UPDATE

    I just manually shown the size chart disabling the modal box.
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    AliDropship plugin ver. 1.8.4 - UPDATE

    The Size Guide doesn't pop up anymore after the update.
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    Upgrade Error

    awesome, they fixed it. Yay!
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    Upgrade Error

    I got the same error shown on WP login page...
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    products going into draft when in stock

    It's working but sadly I have to do this manually one by one for hundreds of draft :oops::confused: Thanks again
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    products going into draft when in stock

    thanks I'll try
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    products going into draft when in stock

    Is this problem fixed yet? I'm still having the same issue. Products available on AE but my product list are sent to draft. When set it to published and update the product again, the plugin set it back to draft again.
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    AliDropship Google Chrome Extension - UPDATE

    Can you add 'source code' button to the TinyMce used by the extension? The HTML written by the sellers are really messed up and needed cleaning with spans, divs, etc are all over the place.
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    AliDropship plugin ver. 1.7.1 - UPDATE

    When I tried to update AliDropship to version 1.1.71, an error suddenly showed up - "Duplicate function has been found: please deactivate and uninstall DropshipMe plugin.You are trying to install AliDropship and DropshipMe plugins together. Note that AliDropship includes DropshipMe database and...
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    AliDropship plugin ver. 1.6.17 - UPDATE

    Awesome. Hope the devs considering adding "wishlists" functions :)
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    IMPORTANT: PayPal integration changes

    thanks :)