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    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    Normal post and ad is completely different thing. And OP mentions using ad to drive such page. It's unclear until he gives a full breakdown of what he did, otherwise i'd thread with caution.
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    Any of you driving clicks via organic social only?

    So i've made a point to replicate what yaros did once again on his journey, very little success with shoutouts, and now i'm trying the organic social clicks purely via follow and likes on IG. If you guys have done it before, care to chime in? How many accounts do you need to promote a site? Do...
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    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    Yes. That's called iframing. See Whether legal or not, fb ad is questionable. They dont like stuffs like these. Anyhow, as mentioned, he didn't include the script to make them stay at the spoofed...
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    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    Yes. I understand this method perfectly, i'm using it as well but obviously not with the canonical pointing to the actual site because when it is shared the links they clicked will end up in the canonical and not the spoofed site. If you're going to show a demo at least show how the cloaking...
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    $28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

    You are pointing the canonical to wreg so how are you driving clicks to your own domain? I tried with the link you shared and the clicks go to wreg and not your site. You can spoof the canonical on the front end and backend for fb to see, but what you're doing is not the proper method of...
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    Need some help for woocom

    Do we already have a solution to this?
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    How much is your ROI on shoutouts

    I had 1 shoutout with 0. I then launched another one with 2 sales. Barely covered back the cost of shoutout and it's a negative ROI. I really don't know if it's the product pricing aspect or what, but the response hasn't been the greatest. I guess the risk in this business is that it cost a sum...
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    Some questions to Ginke

    While on topic of copyright infringement, as much as i want to touch on it, it's going to be a hard topic. Yaros' own store, all of it from his case studies, are all trademark/copyright stuff. Without him and his case studies, you will not see (i dare say) 90% of people signing up, including me...
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    100K $ With Drop-shipping

    I targeted the audience that's exactly like that. But i believe there might be some factors that i overlooked. Firstly, this niche being publicly told is now "saturated". Secondly, the pricing of other stores, especially yaros own store is selling it at that price. I tried to 1up the price...
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    100K $ With Drop-shipping

    How much do you price per item? I saw one of your post, 14 orders and 600$+ ? That's insane, never thought people would spend that much on stuff. I launched a shoutout, it's GOT stuff, and i was struggling to convert even $18. Launched a shoutout, closed 0 sales. I calculated, and compared it...
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    Need some help for woocom

    I've installed the woocom, and OMG, i can tell you the pain is there. I've never dealt with so much config before that caused my head to explode ! This isn't the plugin but more about woocom in general. So i will need some guidance for anyone familiar with woocom. In woocom, variants goes into...
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    Heads Up - Nonsecure Collection of Passwords will trigger warnings in Chrome 56

    It actually happen long time ago, just install lets encrypt ssl.
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    Sparkpost - 100,000 Emails/Month FREE .. What's the Catch?

    what's the pain? can you list a few?
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    Cannot Post Order

    If both manual and auto order fails via plugin, and we cant afford to wait for plugin to be updated, is there a way to manually sync the order status after we order it manually?
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    Woocommerce plugin removed thumbnails and items not appearing unless re-saved

    Yeah that's a pain. I created a new subdomain with a new installation to import stuff and switch the domain name afterwards, less confusing.