Yoast plugin + Product Category Pages

Question on Yoast- Yoast seems to work on the product pages but on the product category pages it is not working to override the default meta title and description. When I change the product category pages on yoast it does not change the product category SEO. Is this a known bug?

Also is there a way to print out all my product category pages links onto the home page in columns so that the prod category page with title is linked from the home page? I'm using the rubens theme.


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What's wrong with the default category meta title and description? I haven't seen any SEO plugin that deals with it anyway. And I'd recommend All in One SEO over YOAST for an ecomm site as well. YOAST is mainly for blogs.
For the default category titles are "Online shopping for PRODUCTTYPEXXX with free worldwide shipping", I would prefer the meta title to be at least the title visible on the page.

I will check out all in one seo plugin thanks!