www.pujafashion.com fashion store is for sale.


I want to sale my site http://pujafashion.com/ , as i don't have time to run the site. that why I want to sell this.

Please do let me know if any one is interested.

I'm expecting approx $450 for this. If any one interested we can discuss further.

I have this site with the Alidropship both plugin & social rabbit too.

Thanks & Regards,

How much your final Price for Store.

why are you selling this store dear?

Best regards

M Aslam Bhabha
Dear Mr. Aslam,

Thanks for your mail, Mr. Aslam i want to sell this as I am busy with some other work & don't have much time to devote on this business.

I have mentioned the price fro this in the trailing mail, if you are really interested let me know, we can discuss further.

Thanks & Regards,