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Hello everybody
Anybody knows of why is out of business?, It was the base project of your plugin!


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Extensive statistical proof available showing the World of Harry store compared to your Davinci theme store like-for-like data?

justicel said:
{...} it was ever really earning {...}
That is just one statistical proof looking forward to seeing when compared to your store earnings proof.

Remember to include sources that can be checked by anyone reading this thread.

No excuses now:cool:


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justicel said:


It's @Edris post

Your comment = YES

Your post = NO

justicel said:
my business right ?
and I'm commenting on 'your business'

I'm just expressing my opinion as you are doing here too :rolleyes:

Look you admit you're busted with your statement, (NOT World of Harry as no comparsion proof to compare to your store)
therefore think it disrespectful to continue with hijacking Edris thread with your attempt for your store promotion.

Stick to your thread found here Feedback Needed and be respectful to Edris thread​


I've dropped the mic for any more responses to your comments on this thread

Elsewhere on this forum?

You'll have to wait and see

(just in case dont sink in first time around reading this posting)

I've dropped the mic to any further responses from you here and perhaps seeyah on your Feedback Needed thread :cool:

Firstly, apologises for the distracting interaction with me and Justicel on your thread question

Secondly, you'll find (doing an internet search or reading here on this forum) that it appears to be a copyright issue why WorldOfHarry is offline - not earnings of the store

However only Yaros or his team can really answer your question.
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yeah think what you want but i dont even care it was a ugly website anyways
hey and my opinion is my business and im sure Edris can speak for himself, Edris, I wasnt even talking about you but about woh.
and woh - you didnt do your own homework aye (copyright issues) :):):)
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No worries @ZAPPY and @justicel and thanks for googling on my behalf:D , I'm sure it wasn't the designs final touches that led to World Of Harry's shutdown. But copy right issues makes more sense. it's important to know the real reason behind the closure so lets see if we gonna hear from @Yaros , his team, or anyone knows the story apart from "a bad example for davinci";):).


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Worldofharry was a great site, we used to show how the dropshipping system works and we have tried a lot of strategies with this store, but for the last year we were focusing mostly on not branded products and did not promote worldofharry. Besides we got an email from Warner where it was stated that WorldofHarry is the name of adventure parks and we can't use this domain anymore. So, we decided to close this store to avoid any problems in future.