Wordpress 5.0.3 ADS PHP ERROR

Hello, i've just just received the update notification for Wordpress 5.0.3 but just before installing it I noticed a message from alidropship saying: "Ooops! You installed AliDropship Woo plugin for PHP 7.2, but your version of PHP is 7.0.33. Please download and install AliDropship Woo plugin for PHP 7.0. "... I've been using alidropship WOO for a month now with no problem but since this update appeared... So I decided to launch the WP update but nothing changed. I checked my host and my PHP version didn't change according to them I'm on 7.2.

Anyone experienced the same error? Thanks
My suggestion, go to Admin->Woocommerce->Status and check PHP version and any possible error or conflicts on that page to make sure what you are running in first place.
I've seen this error! Every time I deactivate & reactivate AliDropship Woo, for some reason this line is added in my .htaccess WordPress rules:
AddHandler application/x-httpd-ea-php70 .php
This line sets PHP to 7.0 -- so I deleted this line in .htaccess and everything was fine again.

Would be great if the AliDropship team could check if this is something due to the plugin...