WooCommere theme installation


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Hey there!

I want to install WooCommere theme called Flavia but i am running in to problems.
When i try to install free or paid (cheap) themes i never get them the way they look at demo's.
I have been importing dummy data, imported some products and other data so this can't be the problem i think.
It looks like i am missing some options.

Any of you using WooCommerce with AliDropship and facing the same styling issues?
Does this occur with more expensive themes?
What themes are you using?

Thanks in advance!
find a theme that you like, install it.

if it works , it works. demos .. are a little different. ive used many themes before and each theme will always have its own set of problems.

my word of advise is to explore flavia, understand how to create nice pages/ styles .. before you know it, you'll be able to figure out what's missing..