Women Fashion store for sale for $1000 NZD only - www.soldinsec.com


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I am wanting to sell my online dropship business. The asking price is $1000 NZD. WWW.SOLDINSEC.COM, This store is already beautifully and well maintained, if you visit the store you can see. The only reason I am selling is, I have no time to further maintain and create ads and stuff. Will give Facebook account and Instagram account too to the interested buyers. This store can really get very good sales if a serious dropshipper wants to spend time on it. Previously when i had enough time to make advertisements etc, I was able to get really really good sales in a week. But since I got another job now I really don't have time for all this.
I bought it last year around July 2021 for $750 NZD And spent $130NZD for SEO Optimization. This store has also got an SEO Image optimizer worth $73.14, Also I have upgraded the storage package from Silver to gold worth $114.09. All the other plugins are available too.
All the receipts will be provided to an interested buyer.