Why do you think most people fail in online business?


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Was just going through one of my past experience when I started my online business and after 6 months I realized that I have failed in it.

It was my mistake all the time. In general people fail in their online business due to following reasons (just my opinion)

Would really love to know what you people think :)

1. Lack of faith and belief- When I started learning about how to make money online, I will admit I was very sceptical and weary about the whole idea. I guess that is how a lot of other people think that online success is not possible because all their lives they hved worked a 9-5 or worked for money by some other physical means. Too them making money online is a foreign idea, an alien idea which is too good to be true.

2.Failing to invest in your education- So many people want to do things on their own. For example I knew this guy who wanted to make money online and decided to make a website on Guava trees! Problem with that is like reason number 1 , there are not a lot of products about Guava trees to sale. So this is why a lot of people fail. They fail to learn the right way on how to do things with all the bad information, products and scams out there.

3.Failing to choose the right niche- A lot of people will immediately start to make a website or start building an email list based on what they think will work for them instead of doing the research first. What they miss is that they don't do research and find a perfect niche for their business.

4.Giving up to early- We are all familiar with this one. So many people are chasing get rich quick schemes and overnight success with a push of the button. Unfortunately many people fall to a lot of bad information out there, and give up too soon when they do not see a Clickbank sale a day after they put their site up. Very few online marketers make fortunes overnight. Online success requires following a formula other successful markers have used and making mistakes until you become a master of that formula. But many give up to early before they even find out. A great way to keep me going is to always think that success is very near when we are just about to give up.

In my opinion if you want to make money online and succeed, it all begins in the mindset. If you have a vision of what you want, believe in it, invest in you education and immediately take action and make mistakes then there is no stopping you from doing and achieve whatever goals you want to achieve.


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Not only because of that. They also fail because of lack of planning and management skills.

Planning is very important. I know it because something like 3 years ago I was a manager in a company which became bankrupt. It wasn't my fault, BTW. I had superiors too. They were using paperwork and other old stuff like that. And refused experiments. Even the obviously helpful ones. For example, I find a free weekly timesheet template for business, made our own timesheet and tried to add it to work process. My superiors told me that this is the waste of time. No wonder their company got bankrupt. BTW, now I work as a manager in another company and make a lot of good stuff.
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To be successful in online business, you must always have a goal and strive for it every day. Without goals, you may not have a clear direction. I think some online businesses are failing because people don't realize how important advertising is right now. High-quality advertising is 50% of a successful business. In addition, you can now promote your business through a huge number of platforms - Instagram, Facebook, Google, or some local websites such as best offers San Diego. Every local resident goes to such a site and sees a huge number of services and products in his city. For sure, he will find something that he likes and it is quite possible that it will be your business!
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Talking about failing to invest in your education... I believe that doing things on your own without experience, without understanding how things work online is a big mistake... Because you will need someone to teach you how to sell that product online, how to find the right site at least. I learned this from an online business trainer that is worth it, there I descovered that you need help with starting business at the minimum (here’s the site btw https://onlinebizbooster.net/ )
You can find there help if you are interested in your future business.
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I agree 100% that many problems in business come from the inability of their owners to organize their work. It's great when you're self-confident and have the right resource, but it's very frustrating if you're not going to ask for help from experts. Also, blogs of people who are ready to share their experiences in achieving financial independence can be of great help. It is clear that you will not be able to exactly repeat their path, but you can understand many useful life hacks. It can also help you decide on a business to which you would devote your time. For example, I would love to start a car repair network in small towns, and I even have a plan for how I can implement it.
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I agree with the above, there is just something that I want to add – the legal side of it. People tend to forget that there are regulations that apply to online businesses just as well. All kinds of contracts, agreements, it’s easy to get lost in these things, unless you have a person to take care of this for you and deal with contract administration (I myself didn't even know what that is) or a software of a kind (and most of these things we don’t think of or cannot afford).