Where to sell to?

Thank you so much bud for sharing this list with me, I didn't know that ePacket was active for all these countries.

since you're new to this thing , like me :)

Here's how I selected my niche (Because I saw your conversation with "Direct Webstore")

- Facebook: I did a simulation that I'm creating an Ad for my audience, This will tells you the potential reach/audience within this country (Same apply for instagram)
- Google: To me, Google trend is Bullsh*t, I prefer keyword planner (since I work in advertising agency so the numbers are accurate) basically it gives you the monthly search volume for keywords, so I typed the keywords relevant to my niche and I found that a decent amount are looking for it. You can still get this search volume using any SEO tool such as Ahrefs, SEM Rush or AWR.
Lovely explanation really true!