Where Is My Order in eCommerce in The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia


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Overview of WISMO or Where Is My Order in UAE and KSA​

When a customer places an order with an eCommerce store, they are often anxious about the status of their product. As time passes, customers get curious and wish to know where their order is, and when it will arrive. The online shopping industry needs to offer transparency and visibility to its clients to make up for the lack of a physical presence. In instances where companies fail to offer their customers information on the location of their product and delivery timelines, customers start making calls for it. Such calls made by customers to support teams at companies are known in the industry as Where Is My Order or WISMO calls.

Where Is My Order or WISMO is fundamentally just a call to know where an order is, and when will the customer be able to receive it. Such calls occur throughout the industry. They are generally a result of poor order tracking options provided by online sellers and shipping delays. While eCommerce companies in UAE and Saudi Arabia are witnessing immense growth, such calls can be a hurdle to their success. Through this blog, we offer e-tailers in UAE and Saudi Arabia an insight into the world of WISMO calls and how to deal with them.

Effects of WISMO on eCommerce​

1) Effect on Support Teams​

Where Is My Order or WISMO calls make up a large portion of the tickets that customer support teams receive. While causing delays in the resolution of more important issues, they also translate into a higher cost of operations.

2) Effect on Customers​

Since the shopper has to reach out to the company for such information about their order, it adversely affects customer experience. A poor experience is likely to result in failure of customer retention.

3) Effects on eCommerce Companies​

The UAE and Saudi Arabia are competitive markets for eCommerce companies. If a customer has to make a WISMO call, it is probable that the customer will refrain from returning to the platform. Such an instance can diminish the brand’s reputation, hinder growth and contract revenues.

Managing WISMO​

A WISMO scare may seem intimidating, but there are proven methods that business can use to prevent Where Is My Order calls. Here are some ways to manage WISMO calls:

Choosing the right partner​

A reliable delivery partner can help businesses avoid WISMO calls altogether. By entrusting the shipping process to a reputed courier company, online sellers can make sure that the product is delivered within the time frame provided to the customer.

Extending tracking capabilities​

Another way of reducing Where Is My Order calls is to give customers more access to information about their order. A tracking page on your website allows customers to know exactly where their product is and when it will arrive. Integrations could be leveraged to create a branded tracking that can enhance customer experience while promoting the brand.

Keeping the customer is the loop​

A great way to keep a customer from making a WISMO call is to perform its function. Sending regular updates to a customer notifies them of the status of their order so they do not need to check it for themselves. Since the customer is regularly informed what stage of the delivery process their product is at, WISMO calls become almost redundant.

Final conclusion​

Managing WISMO calls can be time consuming and difficult for businesses. Since eCommerce platforms already rely on technology for their existence, it only makes sense to let it deal with WISMO calls, as well. The instance is not difficult to control but hard to recover from. Since a single WISMO call can lead to lasting implications, it is always better to prevent and manage than controlling damage.hope Where Is My Order in eCommerce in The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia article may help you.