What's your favorite business books of all times?


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Hi there since I am re reading all my business classics from time to time, I wanted to ask forum members what are the most valuable books they read about business and entrepreneurship that change their lives forever?

I think most newcomers highly overlook the value of these books and never reads them to the end.

Me would be:

- MJ Demarco - Millionaire Fastlane, changed the way I see money as a whole.

- Eric Drew Withman - Cashvertising, which really told me how to write compelling stories and copywritings. A true advertiser's bible, a bit outdated on webadvertising but still valid to this day, the sale old principle applies.

- Robert Cialdini - Influence. Really feaky on the power of manipultion and psychology. But very usefull.

- more recently: Exponential Organisations - Salim Ismail: a great perspective about how small companies like uber and airbnb could make so much profit with very few employees compared to big corporations.
Very interesting book.

So much more books helped me but these were those first coming to my mind.

What's yours? Just curious.



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"Good to Great" by Jim Collins had a great impact on myself. Also, I liked the book "a lesson before dying" by Ernest Gaines, even though it's not specifically about business, it's a very good book that I would suggest to everybody. If you have no time for reading the full book, you should at least read it summary on https://freebooksummary.com/category/a-lesson-before-dying for example, or anywhere else. One of the best novels that I have ever read.
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I've read it quite a lot of times. Actually, I like re-reading it on Xmas. I was wondering if God and business have anything in common. I remember this thought came to mind for the first time. I had problems with my business, so I had no idea what to do. I decided to go to the church https://firstchurchlove.com which was just nearby me. That was the moment I understood all the solutions are in God. I managed to get through my problems successfully, and my business is prospering now. Btw, it's doing much better than it used to be before. A bit later, I found this book. Every year it reminds me of who helped me in my dark hour. So I'll never forget that light that God gave. PS, great thanks to the church being near me
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I wish there were more replies to this thread! I see that Business for the Glory of God was mentioned, it's a great book, with very interesting concepts and good tips. Millionaire Fastlane - this could be my favorite one. Lately, I've neglected the books, I got addicted to "how to" articles, ranging from how to start a social media marketing agency to how to bake a glazed ham. This tells you that I could really use a book recommendation!