What SEO plugin to choose?!


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What SEO challenges are you facing?
Some of you who may be in doubt about all these confusing things with SEO.. What to do with it.. It's time we gather together and discuss things about it so we can get steps ahead in making this successfull!

My first store in 2016
A lot of time has been passed since i started with my first Alidropship store, since then lots have been changed, mostly of features im (still) unaware of. Will have to read up on these updates :).

Over the past years i have built some stores myself and also started with affiliate marketing. Recently i started reading books about marketing and communication since i have allmost no knowledge about this subject.

A week ago i clicked one of my products and i went browsing in the product options menu. Clicked the SEO option and was amazed.. Amazed because i had no keywords added. This made me think about my progress with my stores so far. Have i been numbed all this time by thinking everything would sell itself, without thinking about SEO? Silly mistake i think.
Today i added keywords for all my products. Will add the rest of the pages and posts later.

"Would i have ranked better if i had done this in the beginning? Maybe i would.."

Which plugin are you using for SEO?
Alidropship SEO or any other plugin like SEOPress, SEOPressor, Yoast, All in One SEO Pack. Care to explain why you are using this? Would love to discuss.

For now i will use Alidropship SEO options, since i have the original version not the WooCommerce version. I will keep a close eye on my dashboard if this helps in getting more visitors to my store.

What about all those indicators in external plugins?
Another confusing subject; those red orange and green lights plugins like SmartCrawl, SEOPress or Yoast show?
I read articles i don't have to pay attention to these notifications too much and some say i should worship them. What do you think?

Let me know what challenges you are facing right now and let's clear them up!


Green lights: You've done it right as per the standards
Orange lights: You're 50% (half the way to being on standards)
Red lights: You're 0%
We used the services provided by SEMRush in the past, and I was pleased with their work. It's considered the best SEO tool on the market, and indeed it helped us improve our website content. They also had fantastic rank tracker features. However, we then switched to leadraftmarketing.com because SEMRush was pretty expensive, and we also wanted to try something new. I was told by many colleagues that we'll regret the decision we made. But, with my hand on my heart, Leadraft is much more professional, given the fact that it's a way smaller company. And to be honest, I think that's the beauty of it! The smaller the company, the friendlier they are, the better their support! I might be wrong, but that's what I think!
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Which plugin are you using for SEO?
Alidropship SEO or any other plugin like SEOPress, SEOPressor, Yoast, All in One SEO Pack. Care to explain why you are using this?
Yoast is really one of the best plugins out there. It might sound complicated, but a SEO plugin makes it very simple to optimize your metadata. Basically, this is a way of telling the search engines what you're site is about in order for them to rank you higher on their results.


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Wow, it's been 5 years since this thread started! Time flies, huh? But you know what they say, SEO challenges are timeless! Reflecting on your progress with your Alidropship store is a great idea! Adding those keywords now can make a big difference in boosting your store's visibility and attracting more visitors. It's all about continuous improvement!
egarding plugin choices, it's interesting to hear your thoughts on using Alidropship SEO and potentially exploring other options like SEOPress, SEOPressor, Yoast, or All in One SEO Pack. Each has its strengths and features, and discussing why individuals opt for certain plugins can provide valuable insights for everyone involved.