What Is Dropship.Me And How It Works?


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Hello friends,

We’re happy to inform you that our new ecommerce tool – Dropship.Me plugin for WordPress is officially released. This plugin was created for the needs we had while running our stores, and we’re sure it will be helpful for your business too. You are very welcome to visit Dropship.Me website or learn more about this new truly amazing tool right here below.

1. What is Dropship.Me?

Dropship.Me is a free WordPress plugin created to improve product sourcing in AliExpress drop shipping. Installed on your store it gives you access to the catalog of carefully selected AliExpress products with professionally pre-optimized product info. Any of these products can be added to your store in only one click.

2. What are your benefits of using Dropship.Me plugin?

If you're new to ecommerce, with Dropship.Me you're able to jump on selling the winning stuff from the very start of your business. You can figure out your niche faster with powerful filters and easily fill your store with profit-oriented products only from the most reliable suppliers.

Or let's suppose you want to scale your existing store. With Dropship.Me you can avoid the extra hassle and expenses of doing tedious product research. You can add best selling products to your inventory in minutes and spend your valuable time on marketing or individual customer support.

You also save countless hours on editing your product pages as all the Dropship.Me items go with the professionally pre-edited product details. It means that you get perfectly optimized, clean and attractive product pages in your store right after items’ import.

3. What are these Dropship.Me products?

Only best selling and trending AliExpress products we manually pick on a daily basis with the intelligence you need to drive down expenses and maximize your profit. Our catalog already includes over 50,000 selected products in hundreds of product categories.

Under ‘selected’ we mean that Dropship.Me experts have already:
  • made a research on trends and demand;
  • picked products with highest ratings and commercial potential;
  • checked the quality and feedback of products;
  • chosen trusted and reliable suppliers for you.
4. How Dropship.Me works?

Very simple. Since Dropship.Me is a WordPress plugin, first, you need to install it on your WordPress based store. The plugin is free and includes 50 products import. Then you receive an access to a specific catalog of AliExpress products. Use filters to find the absolutely best products and import them to your store in one click. That's it.

5. Is there any requirements for using Dropship.Me plugin?

In order to install and start using DropshipMe plugin, you will need:
  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • CMS WordPress installed on your site
  • AliDropship plugin or WooCommerce plugin installed
6. What if you want to import more than 50 Dropship.Me products?

Once you downloaded, installed and activated Dropship.Me plugin, you get a free package of 50 product imports, which we believe is quite enough for a store dedicated to a well-defined niche. However, if you want to add more Dropship.Me products to your store, you can order Dropship.Me packages. There are following packages available:
  • 100 product imports for $29 (one time payment)
  • 500 product imports for $119 (one time payment)
  • 1000 product imports for $199 (one time payment)
After purchasing a package, you get your own package code. And after activating it, product imports will be added to your balance.

7. Isn’t it the same that AliDropship plugin does?

No. Dropship.Me and AliDropship are both created to handle the manual routines tied with the most important tasks of drop shipping business. But their functionality is different with relation to different tasks.

Dropship.Me eliminates a struggle with inventory, it brings winning and promising products to your store, that are the key to success. While AliDropship plugin is a more complex solution that offers a full set of features for everyday running your drop shipping business. It saves you time automating daily operations.

You can learn more about differences between Dropship.Me and AliDropship in our blog article: DropshipMe And AliDropship Plugin – What’s The Difference?