Website Store/E-commerce for SALE - Professional Ballet TUTUS. Quality - Beauty - Customer Service:)

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Hello everyone! Selling the website and all the help you need with current net profit of $21k per year. The site is 4 years old and now after covid will only grow a lot more because dance competitions and dance studios are back openned again. I will be posting on FLIPPA. I can share all docs, profit and loss etc Accordign to Flippa the site is worth about 28k - We know sales can only double now, we are asking 35k minimum which will be made back from buyer in the first year alone. (large ballet schools in the country and world are returning customers each year - MUST offer personal customer service!! LOVE dance and arts")

This is a dropshipping store - Professional ballet pancake tutus and other dance items. I use alidropship -pluggin, but main source is China partner factory direct orders via email. For more information., screenshots etc please message me at


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