VAT 25%... How do I manage prices for dropshipping?

VAT in my country it's really high (25%)... so how should I manage dropshipping prices to have a nice earning in your opinion? There is a way to have good earning while not doing business just for the government of my country?
Italy. At the moment it's 22% but AFAIK will be 25% from January 2018.
Since I'm building my store now, probably I wont' get any purchase before 2018 so I need to use 25% as VAT just made my work easy.
For example Alidropship is saying I should use *30% for products above 100€. And I target this products indeed.
But 25% will go on VAT and 3% on stripe fees... basically I will earn nothing, just 2%.
I have fear to make the prices higher for the products.