Variable product > Simple (remove the variation click to display the add to cart button)


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After searching on the forum, I unfortunately did not find a solution to my problem... I hope you could help me.

I imported products with several variables and I wanted to convert them into simple products. So I duplicated the product as many times as there are variables, then deleted the variables, etc. You know the rest. The problem is that each product ends up with a variable and therefore behaves like a variable product instead of a simple product. Thus, for the user, it is necessary to select a variable for the "add to cart" button to appear. You can imagine that this is not ideal...

I would like to know if someone has a solution to make these variables selected automatically or simply not to display them on the front panel so that the user can click directly on the "add to cart" button without having to select the variable in question.

Thank you in advance.

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P.S.: Sorry for my English...