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An outstanding sales tool that motivates your customers to buy more items and makes them happier with the purchase

Double and triple your conversions with this smart add-on! It allows creating catchy offers based on the individual taste and interests of every shopper. When your customer is about to buy an item he likes – the add-on offers him an enticing bundle of other products that he is very likely to want as well!

  • Enjoy an effortless way to drive more sales and multiply your profits
  • Encourage people to buy more items and make them happier with each one
  • Grow customers' engagement and loyalty
  • Profit from showing upsells in the right place at the right time - in Shopping Cart and on Thank you page
  • Benefit from the seamless purchase flow
  • Create offers based either on a single target product or a whole category
  • Choose whether to show a variable upselling product or a certain item variation for a quick 'Add to cart' action
  • Include coupons in the offer description
  • Add an unlimited number of offers
  • Show upsells on mobile devices
  • Spend just a few minutes to install

US $37.00
*one time payment



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US $37.00
*one time payment

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But nothing shows on the checkout page?
Stupid question maybe, but did you add an item to the cart?

EDIT: Just visited your site. Clicked on the women's cateyes sunglasses and can't add anything. Select a colour ... nothing. Select a "package" ... nothing. None of the links are responsive.

EDIT 2: It seems the above is because of extremely slow page loading. It takes forever. I think that's a more serious problem you should look into.

So I finally got to the checkout page after a long wait ... and you're right. There's no upsell products there. Did you add any upsell products to the main products when you edited them?
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Just tried my site on a browser I never use (for good reason) Edge and the site loads within a few seconds and I can click on the links. My site is hosted with Alidropships hosting solution. And I use Stackpath CDN.

I have configured Upsell with all the options in the example used above by Ekaterina. I thought it may have been Adblock plus or something. So I have tried in other browsers I seldom use that have nothing like Adblock.

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I recently bought this and followed the instructions for adding products and enabling the options. But nothing shows on the checkout page? I have tried in Chrome and IE and on my tablet
First of all, please note that upsell offers aren't supposed to show up at checkout. It might distract your customers from completing their order.
You can show upsell offers on side shopping cart and Thank you page. Could you please send me a pm with your WP access details so I can take a closer look at your website?
I solved previous issue, now I tested in my smartphone but this side panel is appearing even if I turn-off or on show on mobile.
I'm using latest version of Alidropship plugin (not Woo). lowest php version

Could you check if you can solve.

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Hello, I bought this, installed it, activated it ok but I can't get into the dashboard settings and it's also not displaying on my site during checkout?