Upsell (BETA)

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Ekaterina Sayapina

The moment has finally come, @neeraj89.

With the help of upselling sales technique you can offer more related products to your customers on Shopping cart and on Thank you page . Used appropriately, the Upsell add-on can give a huge boost to your profits. To learn how to configure the add-on settings, please refer to this guide.
The add-on is compatible with AliDropship original plugin and all the built-in themes. We'll add Woo support shortly.
Note, Upsell works only with beta version of AliDropship plugin (ver. 1.2.5 RC2) and the latest themes (Davinci 0.12.0, Michelangelo 0.12.0, Rembrandt 3.7.0).

Please feel free to take part in beta testing of the Upsell add-on. All you need to do is send me a pm with your AliDropship plugin license key. Your FEEDBACK will be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

P.S. Check this thread to download the file.



Not open for further replies.