Two Stores for sale - Kids Clothing and Cryptocurrency store for sale


Two stores for sale one kids clothing store and a cryptocurrency novelty store.

Why am I selling the stores.

These stores are custom stores created by the website Dropship Rocket. All our custom dropshipping stores are created with Alidropship. These stores where owned by a client however, the client requested and paid for two different niche stores. So now we have these two stores available for sale.

  • Both stores have no sales they are new builds with over 150 items.
  • $600 - Both websites - with products title updated.
  • $390 - Per store - If you want all listing update including product details and titles.
  • $290 - Per store - Take the stores as is , store are complete with the exception of product titles. Bonus included.
  • Both stores will come with Facebook page.
  • Access to Video training center includes Facebook, email marketing, Pinterest marketing and a bunch of additional training courses out side of the marketing niche crypto, forex, affiliate marketing ect.
  • 10 marketing ads 5 video ads and 5 graphic ads
Free hosting for the life of your store and support.

contact me for domain names.


This sounds like a really too good offer. And why do you sell stores that you have made for the client? And why is lifetime support for the service available and even hosting is free? Everything sounds too perfect to be true.


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I hope you still have similar suggestions. I've been wanting to start my own business for a very long time, but I'm too lazy to look for hosting services and web developers. It would be much easier to immediately rent a ready-made store with a website and even hosting! I hope that you are still working!


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Hey do you guys take cryptocoins or just cash? Hey do you guys take cryptocoins or just cash? It's just that I just recently got interested in cryptocoins haha. Just a few months ago I got into Floki coins and now I'm trying to find out how to buy shiba inu. I figured that would be better to invest in different kinds of coins, because you'll never know with these kinds of money, ya know? Maybe one day you wake up and you'll find out that the price of your coin currency has dropped and you're left with pretty much nothing
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