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Is someone squatting on the ideal Twitter handle for your business and not tweeted in years?

As you might be aware, Elon Musk recently announced Twitter would be beginning to purge old accounts with no activity. This was combined with a change to the Twitter Policy for inactive accounts requiring users to log in once every 30 days or risk having their account permanently removed.

We're now starting to see Twitter deactivating inactive usernames!

[Image: xredjZT.png]

[Image: 1fBgAGd.png]

All this means, those old abandoned handles you've long desired will be back on the market and available to those fast enough to claim them. You know competition will be fierce. So let us assist you!

We've designed a service for you to set alerts on your chosen handle so you will be notified as soon as they become available.

Set the frequency of the checks for your handle, from weekly, hourly or even by the minute.
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Get notified on changes of status to your handle with our Pro or Elite plans. If your handle is deactivated/deleted or suspended you will receive notice direct to your inbox!

Don't waste your time tracking handles that wont become available! We give you access to our exclusive AI powered 'Purge Check' algorithm that scours multiple sources to gather the data on any account activity and gives your a breakdown of the best usernames. Choose from multiple personas to deliver this information

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Sign up and track usernames for completely free, now!