Trust Signe top Header

I would like to add a Trust Signe on the Header. But i do not know how to adjust the CSS so that it looks clean.
                    <div class="col-auto col-xl-3 py-1">

                    <img src="" width="72" height="42">

What should i put in the class so that everything fits on the same line?


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I don't get it. The trust image is already there. Change it to anything you like in the settings. And as for "everything on the same line" ... what does "everything" consist of? So far I see the logo, search, trust image and phone number all on the same "line" already. What else do you want there. (not that there's any room though).
The trust Signe i have added. It was not there before. and the cart get push to a 2nd line. I do not have menu option in the Themes to set a Trust.
I am using Woo theme