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I have a drop shipping store with eco friendly products for indoors and outdoors and i decided after a looong investigation to cooperate only with max 2 suppliers, cause i believe i can handled it better specially in the beginning.
In Top suppliers Insights doesn't show any suppliers for such a a niche. Do you have any idea?
Thank you!
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I was thinking about an eco-friendly niche too, but then I thought that if someone was really into being eco-friendly they wouldn't want to ship something all the way from China, considering the carbon footprint and environmental impact that has... Hopefully there are suppliers closer to where you're shipping to.
Crap website-sties! Where I can get products for hygiene purposes!?

Nice thing you are doing!? Maybe tooth bamboo teeth brush with a free panda as gift for purchase? :DI’m serious, but not about pandas. Here is a shop for best eco-friendly products available on the market right now. I’m their customer, and they have plenty more things to see. Don’t want to look like an agent seller, but I’m really sharing things that I have inside my bathroom. My girlfriend told me about them, she was recruiting me for almost half-a-year, what a strong character I have. She is not even my wife yet, lol.
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