Are you looking for a niche?

Are you looking to get started in dropshipping or just add more stores to your list?

Then you are in the right place.

Before I mention the hottest niches, first let me share some quick tips when selecting your niche:
  • Do your research: Use Google trends and see which niches have high interest online
  • Choose wisely based on the following criteria
    • Sell niche products that list at more than $15, but don’t go much higher than $200. This usually helps you arrive at a good balance between profitability, average order values, and demand.
    • Be wary of seasonal products that only bring in money during a certain time of the year. While you can make a lot of money selling seasonal products, doing so is more challenging than the alternative, and quite a bit riskier for small businesses.
    • Only sell items that don’t lose value as they sit on shelves. For example, electronics lose value fast, and unless you already have an active customer base that’s interested in those products, you probably want to avoid those products.
    • Sell products with more ambiguous pricing. Everyone knows what most electronic items should sell for, but informational items and jewellery are more subjective in pricing.
    • Choose items that are easy to ship and not fragile.
    • Smaller products work best for niche stores.
  • BONUS: Select Reputable sellers
    • Pay special attention to any seller that shows up over and over again in your searches. Take a peek at their online store, social media, and customer reviews. You want to learn:
    • Do they look successful (how many reviews do they have and are they good)?
    • Are they posting on social media and blogs?
    • What are the strategies they employ to engage customers?
    • If you don’t find many retailers during your search, it could either be a good sign or a bad sign. On one hand, you may have low competition, but on the other hand, there may not be much of a demand for that product.
      This is where free tools like Google Trends and Google Shopping Insights can help you understand how much interest a specific product or category may have.
So now that you know how to carefully select the right niche, here are the top niches you need to be apart of in 2021

  1. Men's beauty products
  2. HIIT Fitness Equipments
  3. Books on Politics
  4. Natural Feminine Care Products
  5. Natural Pet Care
  6. Disinfectant Products
  7. Boutique Rags
  8. Organization helpers
  9. Smart Speakers
  10. Eco-Friendly Versions Of Everyday Products

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