As a business, you need to move items in bulk. It could be raw materials that you need for manufacture, or it could be the finished products that need to be sent on for packaging. Whatever you're shipping, those costs can rise fast. There are plenty of ways to reduce those costs, though, so let's see where you can save some cash.

Use The Right Packing Materials​

Whatever you're shipping, there's going to be a container that saves you money on shipping. For example, if you're looking for bulk liquid solutions, then a Flexi tank will be a more cost-effective solution than drums. If you're using branded boxes, are they falling within the standard box sizes that transport options carry? If not, shipping them can cost you a lot more in the long run.

Make sure you're using the best possible packaging for your product. If you're using the wrong one, it may cost you more in materials or in the space that the product takes up on the truck. Keep that in mind when you're picking materials.

Decrease Shipping Distance​

If you can, this is a very effective way to reduce costs. The further a product has to travel, the more it costs to get it there. If you can reduce that distance, you'll be able to cut costs dramatically.

For example, if you need to send items to be packaged ready for sale, then look for a centre that's close as possible to your current location. The closer you can be, the better.

Measure Your Shipments Accurately​

When you're shipping in bulk, you'll find that costs creep up quickly. You'll be moving more oversized items, and so they will often fall outside of 'standard' measurements by most transport companies. Some sellers will accept those costs, but you don't have to all the time.

For example, there are ways to move items that are large but light more cheaply. Many shipping company use dimension weight, a concept that considers how much room an item takes up on their truck. You can calculate the dimensional weight of your product on most good shipping sites, so you can compare prices and pick one that's the most competitive.

Try New Shipping Options​

When looking to move anything in bulk, think outside of the box – literally. Let's consider bulk liquid transport again. Traditionally, you would use drums for this. However, they run the risk of contamination, and they have additional costs when you have to send them back empty to be cleaned. That's eating into your profits, so what can be done?

Many shipping company are using Flexi tanks to move liquids rather than drums, saving a lot of cash. They can move more on the same truck as there's no dead space, and there are less staffing costs for loading and unloading them. They also don't need cleaning as they're one use only, so there's no cleaning or additional shipping costs. You can see why they're becoming the most popular bulk liquid transportation tank out there.
Look for different options in your area. You'll be surprise at what you can find.

Avoid Returns Wherever Possible

As you're shipping items in bulk, you're less likely to see returns that cost you more money. However, there are some instance where you may have your product returned to you. If you have mistyped an address, for example, the product may not make its destination. At the very least, it will delay delivery.

The way to avoid this is to take care at every step. Ensure you're double-checking details, so everything can proceed as planned. It's also important to inform the destination about what is coming to them and how. They'll need to know when to be ready for it and how to unpack it. If you're dotting the i's and crossing the t's, then everything will go well.

Ship More Less Frequently​

A great way to save money on bulk shipping is to ship as much as you can in one go. The more you can send in one shipment, the more money you'll save overall. It'll be cheaper than sending out half the amount over two different shipments.

If you're working with retailers and manufacturers, you can offer them better deals to encourage them to order more in one shipment. More attractive you make it, the more they'll order at once and the less you'll need to spend on shipping.

Ship On Off-Peak Days​

Like most services, there will be days where it's cheaper to ship items. Take a look at your shipping company and see if they have any off-peak days. If they have them, try and schedule your shipments around them. With some careful planning, you can reduce a lot of costs just by shipping on different days. Of course, this will depend on what you're shipping. If you're shipping something that won't perish if it has to wait a few days, then you're in luck.

Don't Be Afraid To Spend More Up Front​

This sounds counterintuitive when you're trying to save money, but it's crucial. You can go with the cheapest option, but when you do, you may find that things go wrong somewhere down the line. Because of this, you'll be spending more putting things right.

Because of this, ensure you're looking for the shipping company out there. It's easier to find them now as you can check out reviews from other customers online and see what they have to say. If you're using a better company, there will be fewer problems, which will cost you less in the long run.

There's plenty of ways to save money on bulk shipping if you know where to look. Use these tips to make those savings every time you need to ship out your product. It's incredible how much cash you can save as a business when you know what to do.

There's plenty of ways to save money on bulk shipping if you know where to look. Use these tips to make those savings every time you need to ship out your product. It's incredible how much cash you can save as a business when you know what to do.

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Customers are patronizing products around the world, with technology innovating, it has become more accessible to make a purchase from overseas. Most businessmen have always thought of venturing in international shipments, but how can we maximize the cost and efficiency? If a business doesn't have any resources, it is best to just outsource delivery workflow aid from OBP logistics. Having a cargowise certification let's businesses grant access to cargowise services, like customizable interface, workflow and pave, automating processes, tracking of shipment and other helpful features.
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Choosing the right packing materials tailored to the specific type of goods being shipped is a smart move. Ensuring that packaging aligns with standard sizes can indeed save on transportation costs. Reducing shipping distance and accurately measuring shipments are practical strategies to consider as well, as they directly impact overall expenses.

Exploring new shipping options, like using Flexi tanks for liquids, showcases innovative solutions that not only cut costs but also offer operational advantages. Emphasizing accurate details and proactive communication to avoid returns is a great way to prevent unnecessary expenditures.

Consolidating shipments and leveraging off-peak shipping days are tactical approaches that can lead to cost reductions while maintaining efficient logistics. Your point about investing in quality upfront to prevent future problems is particularly insightful—it's a reminder that prioritizing reliability can ultimately save resources in the long run.


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We focus on creating and selling bespoke gifts, so presentation and safe delivery are key. One strategy that really made a difference for us was incorporating Custom Printed Boxes. These boxes not only enhanced our branding, giving customers a great first impression, but they also fit our products perfectly. This meant we could save on packing materials and reduce the shipping volume, leading to lower costs. Plus, using these boxes streamlined our packing process, saving us time. It's incredible how much of a difference the right packaging can make, not just in cost but in customer satisfaction too.
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