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the child theme does not update
Child themes don't update. They wouldn't perform their main function if they did. Which is stopping customized files being overwritten by updates.

The mother theme only needs to be updated.

You can open the style.css file in the child theme folder and edit the Version number 0.0.3 to 0.0.4 if it makes you feel better. But it's purely cosmetic. It makes no difference what it says there. You can change it to "Version: Child" and leave it at that if you wish.

Actually, you can delete the whole line and never be bothered by the version number again.

And as it's you doing all the edits and file customizations in the child theme, you can even change the Author's name to your name, if it turns you on. lol

Example from a DaVinci 2 Child theme's style.css file. As you can see, it still says Version: 1.0. I never bothered to edit anything.


Just a hunch here, but have you placed any customized/edited files in the child theme folder? Are you actually using the child theme?

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Ekaterina Sayapina

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I received a Google Search Console warning for the site with this theme. I haven't made any modifications, it's just a normal theme install with Ninja Forms instead of Contact-7 forms and 4 dummy test products.

Google Search Console said ...

"Products issues detected on

To the owner of
Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 3 Products issues:

Top Warnings
Warnings are suggestions for improvement. Some warnings can enhance your appearance on Search; some might become errors in the future. The following warnings were found on your site:

Missing field 'aggregateRating'
Invalid enum value in field 'availability'
Missing field 'review'

We recommend that you fix these issues when possible to enable the best experience and coverage in Google Search."
There are no reviews on your product pages. That's why there's no rating. The warning will be gone once you add reviews to your product pages.
The availability issue might be caused by the wrong 'path': the theme refers to instead of
I'll give it a check. Thanks!


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Being able to customize the header with different elements (HTML Boxes, Buttons, Cart Buttons etc) and change their location like the Flatsome theme would be nice.
Ok we understand you use a multifunctional theme (the best propably for ecommerce ) ;)
Do you now a place for I get it with a better price or a discount coupon?

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Do you now a place for I get it with a better price or a discount coupon?
If you mean Flatsome theme ... I paid for my license. But like all GPL themes/plugins, you can download copies via a Google search.

the best propably for ecommerce
I wouldn't say that. There are quite a few that are just as good. Maybe this "Smart Theme Woo" will be too eventually. Let's see what these new features are next week.


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Thanks for sharing your feedback! So, it's mostly the header area you're concerned about?
Yes. I don't like things being hardcoded in the header, like currency convertors, search bars, ad spaces etc. I like to replace them and/or move them if I wish to.

The central part of the page is pretty much the same for all themes ... sliders and products. No problem

The footer is fine for customizing with widgets. No problem.

... and just a thought I had right now. I wonder if the theme is compatible with the "Woo Sidebars" plugin. I will try it.

Ekaterina Sayapina

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Hi there ;)

- Subscription form added (4 types)
- Additional button added to Homepage slider (Text / Video)
- Text positioning added to Homepage slider
- Header color settings added
- Additional code snippets bug fixed
- Minor bugs fixed

P.S. shortcodes can be added to the Footer area with the help of the Text widget.


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