The Rubens theme (released)

Ekaterina Sayapina

Staff member
Reinforce your brand at every click with minimal but attention-grabbing design


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The beta testing is over. Please feel free to contact me if you have some features to request or bugs to report!
I'd like to thank @ZbigniewPL for his valuable input that helped us improve the theme.

  • Most popular products in Main menu. A multi-level drop-down menu ensures easy navigation.
  • Sticky header. Keep your Main menu fixed as you scroll down.
  • Pop-up Homepage video. Tell your story by featuring a YouTube video.
  • Great blog experience. Homepage blog posts and beautiful Blog layout.
  • Large images in Instagram feed. Share your latest Instagram posts with your customers and followers.
  • Smart search. Show live search results for items and categories for better shopping experience.
  • Two image gallery types. Use open image gallery or a standard image slider.
  • Related and Recently viewed products. Generate sales by showing more items to your website visitors on Single product page.
  • All the built-in themes share the same side Shopping cart, Shopping cart page, Checkout, About us and Blog pages.
Before getting started, it might be a good idea:

Transparent header, full-width homepage slider

Homepage product blocks

Instagram feed

Subscription form and Footer

Single product page

Side Shopping Cart

Category page


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Instead of having REVIEWS been automatically opened up, how do we change it to Product Description that will be automatically opened up?
I'm just dowloaded this theme this now and got this error while going into the theme editor>>stylesheet

There are 4 errors which must be fixed before you can update this file.
Update anyway, even though it might break your site?

is there anything wrong here?


google speed test errors
<body class="home page-template-default page page-id-7 rubens js-items-lazy-load sticky_add_to_cart header_overlay header_sticky_always cookies-not-set">

Please advise to fix it.
Hi dears, I need to translate the shopping cart, it is currently in Spanish and I want it to appear in English, does anyone know how I can do it?:




Please Help!