the picture quality is poor


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I used this plugin, but when the pictures are posted to Instagram and Twitter, the picture quality is poor and not as it is in the store. Is there a solution to this problem.


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I've had the same problem, but on another platform. Turned out, it's a problem with the site's compression algorithms. For reducing the size of your image, they compress a part of image data. So, the output image "weights" less, but the quality is reduced too. In that case, I would ask if moderators could allow you to increase the limit of such data. Also, you can make sure your images are good enough by processing them on an image sharpening service. Unlikely it will solve the problem, but you can set aside doubts about your pictures.


If you're an active Instagram user, you've probably noticed that the quality of your photos degrades slightly after being posted. It's all because of the compression algorithm that the service uses to store millions of snapshots on its servers. I recently wanted to print a photo from Instagram, but the quality was terrible. I immediately realized that no one but would help me print this poster in excellent quality. I immediately realized that only here would help me print this poster in excellent quality. I don't know why Instagram developers haven't solved this problem yet.
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