The Picasso theme for a SINGLE-PRODUCT store (BETA)

Ekaterina Sayapina

Staff member
Sometimes people might get confused by too many choices. So, why not keep it simple?
Some of the most successful companies are world-famous for selling just one killer product. They focus on what they can do best, right?

Building an ecommerce store using the one-product model can be a huge advantage for you, too. With only one product in your store, you can give it all the attention and make it really good. And dominate the market!

One more bonus: there's only one product to edit and only one page to customize. Got some spare time? No more excuses! ;)

Before getting started, it might be a good idea:
- To check this GUIDE
- To have a look at our DEMO WEBSITE

Hero image

Product details
Check all the essential product information in this block (price, variations, availability, etc.).

Product features
Present your product or store features in a more appealing way. Quick tip: you might want to use a white-background image so this block looks even more impressive.

Technical information and Value proposition
Here you'll find product description which is typically in 'Product details' tab. You can reiterate your value proposition twice on the page: under the product description block and above Subscription form.

Customer reviews
Social proof is one of the most powerful conversion drivers, so don't miss the chance to show off your customer reviews.

Frequently asked questions
Help your customers find important information faster with the help of the FAQs section. Feel free to edit the default text!

Contact us
Let your prospects know that you're always happy to help and answer their questions. In Footer, you can add some helpful links such as Privacy Policy or Tracking page. You'll find the same links along with currency switcher and contact details in the mobile burger menu.

To participate in the beta, you need to have AliDropship original plugin and free time to test the theme. To get started, please send me a pm with your AliDropship plugin license key and I’ll send you a free license key for the theme. Don’t miss the chance to get this theme for free as a beta tester! Please note that the number of beta testers is limited.

Since this is a beta, please keep in mind that not everything might be perfect yet. But with your help, we can make this theme the best platform for everyone to sell stuff so your store visitors will definitely convert into buyers.

Your feedback and feature requests are very welcomed and encouraged! :)

Ekaterina Sayapina

Staff member
Thank you very much for your interest!
The number of beta tester license keys is limited. We've already received a lot of requests, so license keys for this theme won't be issued any more.
As usual, you're are very welcome to share your feedback on Picasso, report bugs and send feature requests!