The Matisse WOO theme for a SINGLE-PRODUCT store (RELEASED)

Ekaterina Sayapina

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Tell a fascinating product story and expand your reach without breaking a sweat
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Willing to turn your one-product store into a real attention getter? The Matisse Woo theme is built to help you kick off like a pro and make a great first impression with an eye-catching and playful, but yet balanced design. Gentle animation is bound to make the customer journey even more enjoyable!

Visually appealing description blocks
Website visual appeal cannot be overstated: it plays a huge part in establishing brand affinity with your customers. With image-rich product description, you can create high-quality content and shine a spotlight on your flagship product.

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Hero image
Large above-the-fold banner is an amazing way to state your value proposition, capture visitors’ attention and highlight promotions. People respond to visuals, so make your product stand out with this full-screen hero image. A picture is worth a thousand words!

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Effective product details
Concise and effective product description and high-quality photos will help your business become a runaway success and turn casual browsers into buyers in the blink of an eye. Intuitive and clean layout will suit any branding and save you the trouble of making adjustments.

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Engaging visual review content
Engaging and well-designed, reviews can easily turn into beautiful marketing material. Social proof greatly affects buying behavior and offers an enormous potential for growth: better-informed visitors are far more likely to turn into buyers! Big review images will not only let users explore your product in a more detailed way, but also will help build trust.

Customer gallery
Trust user-generated content to add authenticity and human touch to your web store. This crowd-puller has proven to be of the most powerful engagement strategies that invariably inspires loyalty and brand awareness.
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- Bottom tab bar. All the important navigation elements are in the thumb zone so your website looks and feels like a native application.
- Three product gallery options. Choose image gallery that suits your website style best.
- Frequently asked questions. Answers to all the important questions close at hand.
- Review grid. Let your customers share their positive shopping experience.
- Full-width video. Create a profound visual impact and make your store stand out.

US $67.00
*one time payment