The El Greco theme (BETA)

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Ekaterina Sayapina

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We're super excited to announce the beta release of our new theme! The theme's called El Greco and it's awesome! It offers a wide range of features you haven't seen in any other theme yet. We've already tested them on our websites and they showed great results: a 17-percent rise in conversion rate. Sounds impressive, huh?


Homepage Features:
- Full-width Homepage slider
- Smart search.
- Most popular categories (upload an image and add category description)
- Homepage testimonials (customer reviews)
- Trustpilot widget
- Subscription form
- Store features (Homepage, Single product page)

Single Product Page Features:
- Facebook like box
- Shipping and Returns icons
- Guaranteed safe checkout badge (payment icons)
- Store benefits
- 'Reasons to buy from us' block automatically added to Product Details tab
- 'Yes, I recommend this product' badge in customer reviews
- Sticky Add to cart button

Before getting started, it might be a good idea:
- To check this GUIDE
- To have a look at our DEMO WEBSITE

Full-width Homepage slider and product categories in Main menu.

forum menu.png

Most popular categories. Category description is shown on hover (desktop).

forum most popular categories.png

Testimonials. Social proof is one of the most powerful conversion drivers, so don't miss the chance to show off your customer reviews.

forum testimonials.png

Store features. Highlight what your web store has to offer.

forum footer.png

Single product page.

forum spp.png

Store benefits are great if you want to build trust with your customers. Estimated delivery time is added automatically (the current date + 15 days)


Great reasons to buy from your store. The two blocks are added to your Product Details tab automatically.

additional features.png

To participate in a beta of the theme, you need to have AliDropship original plugin and free time to test the theme. To get started, please send me a pm with your AliDropship plugin license key and I’ll send you a free license key for the theme. Don’t miss the chance to get this theme for free as a beta tester! Please note that the number of beta testers is limited.

Since this is a beta, please keep in mind that not everything might be perfect yet. But with your help, we can make this theme the best platform for everyone to sell stuff so your store visitors will definitely convert into buyers.

Your feedback and feature requests are very welcomed and encouraged! :)


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Interested, looks like my feedbacks retained your attention for Andy Warhol, let's try this one too, guess you still have my PM, let me know if you want me to send my licence key again.

PS: please have a look at my davinci 2.0 reviews date thread, ty in advance :)

Ekaterina Sayapina

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Thanks for your interest!
Number of beta tester license keys is limited. We've already received a lot of requests, so license keys for this theme won't be issued any more.
As usual, you're are very welcome to share your feedback on El Greco, report bugs and send feature requests!
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