The Andy Warhol WOO theme (RELEASED)

Ekaterina Sayapina

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An incredible income-generating theme worth investing in


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Everyone loves the idea of finding savings and getting massive discounts. We’ve created a new dynamic theme for bargain hunters and it’s all about generating sales. There's never been a better chance to bring your business ideas to life!
Andy Warhol (the theme created for AliDropship original plugin) the has been a huge success, so many of you requested a Woo version of this theme. So, here is it! :)

Feel free to give the demo store another check! ;)

  • Perfect for large inventories. You never know what might catch your visitor’s eye so jump at the chance to offer more products to your prospects.
  • Infinite scroll. The theme uses the ‘infinite scroll’ option so online shoppers can explore your inventory without any interruptions. You can decide on the number of products pulled into view in your WP dashboard => Settings => Reading => Blog pages show at most.
  • Sticky navigation. Keep your header fixed as you scroll down.
  • Live search. Show live search results for items and categories for better shopping experience.
  • Homepage ad banner. Add promo banners to your Homepage and link it to any page or product.
  • Homepage video. Tell your story by featuring a YouTube video.
  • Discount and 'selling fast' badges. Create additional incentives to motivate your customers to take action.
  • Single product page banners. In this theme, you can add up to four banners: Urgency, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), Items left in stock and Trust banners.
  • Related and Recently viewed products. Generate sales by showing more items to your website visitors on Single product page.
  • Side Shopping cart in addition to the Cart page offered by WooCommerce.
  • Conversion boosting features at Checkout. Countdown Timer, Why buy from us box and Trust box.


Andy Warhol Woo – Andy Warhol Woo.png

Single product page


Smart search


Mobile main menu and Category page widgets


US $67.00
*one time payment