Telegram Trafik (Scraping, Adder, Bulk DM’s)


Scraping - take people from one group and add them to your group, not to channels.

Give the group as a gift with an order of 5k and more


Bots, fake users: lowers the % of complaints when inviting, which keeps the group alive.
Increases the image of the group or channel in the eyes of other users


Оld groups

Telegram groups created from half a year, ready for invites

I give a group as a gift with an order of 5k or more invites

Go to the website from the first post and text me for a consultation


Provide telegram number database verification 4$ per 1000 numbers

To see reviews and find out my contact, go to the site from the first post


We have Great News!
Dear friends!
We are happy to announce the expansion of our horizons! Now, in addition to Telegram and Instagram, we do newsletters in WhatsApp and Viber!
This means that you can achieve even more efficiency in your advertising campaign.
Contact me to learn more about how you can use WhatsApp and Viber in your marketing strategy.
My website contact from the first post


Target audience options
- from your base
- collection from groups in messengers
- Collecting numbers from different sources and checking on WhatsApp/Viber/Telegram

Mailing options
- text
- text + link (external or internal)
- link

It is possible to send feedback from users to your account.

Incoming messages live a long time, everyone who is interested in your advertising - will see it.