Sunday Silly Question: subdomain and external image host?


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Hi dear fellows.

As I still didn’t used my Social Rabbit plugin I have a question.

In order to alleviate server load:

- is it possible to install Social Rabbit on a subdomain of the the main domain (ig or rabbit/

- Can we post only link/embeded images loaded from external image hostings like imgur or whatever similar service to host these images?

I’m sorry for these stupid question as I didn’t had the time to configure this and read the doc you extensively.

If not possible can you at least add the possibility to post images from external image hosting?

The same thing you did for image links from aliexpress on Alidropship.

Thank you!


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Hi, Arnaldo
1. If you want to use Social Rabbit on subdomain, you should have products and images there.
2. You mean Gallery, where you will be able to paste links or images? You can download images and GIFs from PIXABAY and GIPhy right from the Gallery



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Hi @Nadezhda how are you?

1. Ok great, so I can host Social Rabbit on a separate instance as long as the images are on the same wp install?

2. More specifically, I mean uploading images on an external service WITHOUT hosting/downloading the actual images on my server.
Example: I make a banner/graphic work, upload it on let's say imgur then post only the links in social rabbit so it can be shown/posted as embedded in all social media accounts.
Like when I post an image here on the forum linked to imgur without uploading it on your servers.
Is it clearer?

All in all, knowing that we can host Social Rabbit on a subdomain is really great for server load.

Thank you for your input as always!


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Hi, Arnaldo
I'm fine, thanks and you?

1. Of course, if you have images/ products uploaded on domain and setup Social Rabbit on subdomain, Product Poster won't work. If you want to post from subdomain, you will have to duplicate products/ images from domain there. Besides, all the links will lead to subdomain too.

2. Social Rabbit won't work with external links. You will have to download images to the Media Gallery first, so it will be able to post them.


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Ok thanks for your input.

If you can still push the idea to post from external image hosting service without downloading images it would be a really nice update.

I am talking about non product images mainly.

I mean, imagine 3 to 6 posts per day multiplied by 365 day adds a lot of images to server.

@Victoria Kudryashova if you hear me from above, what do you think of it? ;-)

Thank you again @Nadezhda !