Suggestion: Add a special status "Placed on Aliexpress"

Hello Alidropship devs:
I have a suggestion for a new feature for Alidropship Woo. Order Status "Placed on Aliexpress"

When I receive a new order by default the status is "Processing", after I placed the order to Aliexpress I have to manually create a hidden note "order placed on aliexpress" for my personal record in order to differentiate from those orders which are not placed yet.

Would be nice a feature that create a special order status called "Placed On Aliexpress". I'm thinking that you could add a handy button on "Order Details" page so after we place the order (automatically or manually) on Aliexpress, we can click that button to change the status from "Processing" to " Placed on Aliexpress" and continue with the rest of orders.

Would also be nice this special status have a bright color on "Orders" page to diferent from the Red, Green, Blue, Gray which comes by default on Woocommerce.

Suggestion 2: Change automatically to "Complete" status

I have seen when you Logged-in into Aliexpress (Orders), Alidropship Woo refresh all those orders and sent the "Order Complete" email to my customers, thats a nice feature but would be awesome if it could change the orders status to "Completed" in an automatic way.

If you combine my Suggestion 1 with my Suggestion 2, the efficiency of managing and placing orders can improve enormously


Carlos Castañeda


New Member
I second this. I placed the order manually on Aliexpress and not using the auto placing order option. I can only choose to complete the order and there's no option to send customers tracking number from the order page. I had to send them the tracking number through paypal