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How to settings?
Not really understand


<div class="subscribe-title">Stay up to date</div>
<span class="subscribe-subtitle">Register now to get updates on promotions and coupons.</span>
<div class="subscribe-form">
<form class="nicelabel" method="post" accept-charset="UTF-8">
<input type="hidden" name="meta_web_form_id" value="*ENTER YOUR VALUE*"/>
<input type="hidden" name="listname" value="*ENTER YOUR VALUE*"/>
<input type="hidden" name="meta_adtracking" value="*ENTER YOUR VALUE*"/>
<div class="form-group">
<input type="email" name="email" value="" placeholder="" id="subme" required="required">
<label for="subme">Please enter your email</label>

<div class="submiter">
<input class="btn btn-secondary" type="submit" value="Subscribe" />
<span class="adapsubmit"></span>