Stripe seven-calendar-day delay


Hi guys.

I've received an email from Stripe today and was wondering whether this is a standard process and you've got the same or is it just me?
"We're reaching out to let you know that we've had to set a seven-calendar-day delay for paying out your funds from Stripe to your bank account. This is an unfortunate, but necessary part of mitigating the risks inherent in providing credit services to our users.
That said, we'll be able to switch your payouts to a two-business-day schedule once we've been able to observe a sufficient amount of normal business activity from your account. Feel free to reach out once your business has been processing normal volume for a month and we'll do our best to get your account on the two-business-day payout schedule!"


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In most cases, suppliers cannot replenish inventory immediately. Thus, to ensure that the incidence of out-of-stocks is low enough, demand planning should calculate how much inventory will be used from the current moment until the next replenishment, assuming that an order is placed. While goods are being delivered, inventory is gradually depleted. Therefore, a week's delay in merchandise is still a normal occurrence. After all, for Asians, the delay can be as long as 3 months. Personally, our firm wants to finish with the usual deliveries by the end of November, to send everything on time, so that before the New Year holidays, everything was super. That is why we have made a big november calendar.
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