Store for sale - getting sales with NO marketing (with huge potential for scaling up)

I want to sell a dropshipping store with automatic social media marketing plugin integrated, earning $80 - $120 per month in profits.
It has a huge potential for scaling up because no paid marketing, and even no active free marketing has been done so far
Need to sell because I'm a practicing doctor, mom of a 1yo, & running other online businesses, plus will start my post-graduate medical training this year, and I'm unable to put in time to make the store reach it's actual potential
Also, I have to use Phillipines paypal with fake details for receiving payments for my sales, which is a constant source of my anxiety (someone with real verified Paypal won't have any issues). That's because Paypal isn't available in my country
If anyone is interested, please PM for more details
Just some background info:
It's a fashion niche store
Hosted on WordPress with AliDropShip Plugin (can use several payment gateways)
Currently uploaded products: About 500
Blog with articles
No monthly payments, hosting on AliDropShip's own hosting 8GB + SSL ($86/year equal to about $7 /month)

Some of the things that are included:
Social Rabbit Plugin (for free social media management)
Unpublished unique blog posts (Several - will get the exact number later)
Recent Sales pop-up
Abandoned Cart
Countdown Timer
Facebook Business / Shop integration / catalogue maker
Promo banner plugin
130+ quick imports available of already researched and edited hot-selling products

Lifetime quick customer support with AliDropship
My personal customer support to help you understand everything + marketing ideas & strategy

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I guess nobody got a reply from this one... Strange post.
Just an attempt to explain the possible "strangeness", and this is just a total guess ... but If I was selling a site and you contacted me and then I saw your signature, I'd probably move on to the next message as I'd think that someone who goes around buying up sites is probably not going to give me the best price. And seeing as she's a doctor (almost), she's maybe smart enough to come to the same conclusion.

But not having a message answered doesn't make the post strange, in my opinion. She may have even sold it the same day, before you contacted her. Who knows?

Maybe she will tell us. Stay tuned for the next episode!