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With Our World Wide Shipping Over 150+ Iced Out Trend Products At Your Service.
Cuban chains , Miami chains , Tennis chains , Iced Out Rings , Pendants and much more with Iced Out Unique Designs For You To Follow Trends Of Street.

-Iced Out Chains : Cuban Chain, Baguette Chains , Tennis Chains and many more

-Iced Out Pendants : Cross Pendants , Hip Hop Star Pendant , Animal Pendants and many more unique design pendants.

-Bracelets Following the design patterns of Cuban chains but as bracelets on your wrists following the most recent iced out trends.

-Watches Quartz Movement Watches with high quality cubic zirconia stones to complete your iced out style.

-Rings Stylish cubic zirconia stones on top of brass base with eye-catching designs for your style.

-Custom Letter Pendants Here for your own customize letters with many different iced out style fonts.

-Grillz Thats what your favorite hip-hop star gets their teeth gear if this is what you are looking for.

Q:Are these products real diamond?
A:Unfortunately they are not mined and carat based diamonds ,however all of our products use lab made high quality cubic zirconia stones that look and shine like mined diamonds.

Q:How long does it take for an item to reach me?
A:We usually make your order ready for shipping the next business day after your purchase so we give a room for quality control to the product in that time.Shipping will depend on which country and which state you take residence since Covid regulations can effect the delivery time for each one differently but usually it takes 3 to 7 days if there are no legal restrictions.

Q:I bought some products with similar properties from different stores but they faded so quickly to a dull color , what makes you different than them.
A:We have completed over 1000+ deliveries since we started in this business and yet we have not received any complains about fading , except very few damaged ones that is caused by cargo companies reckless delivery methods.
Regardless of our trust in our products we still recommend that you avoid contacting them with acidic or detergent based liquids to lengthening their life time.We also recommend that you avoid extreme heat and extreme cold from the product which can change the coloring on it.

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Thanks for the share. I browsed your site, and the jewelry is stunning. Too bad they're not made of real diamonds. With a real diamond, it looks more elegant plus the chances of it breaking are very small. I prefer jewelry to be with diamonds and pure gold or silver. Just recently, I bought myself and my mother some cross necklaces from an online site. Wow, they're lovely. Mine is made of gold and my mother's of silver. Indeed, they are very high quality, and it can be seen that it is diamond and gold, pure silver.

the link:
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