(SOLD) Beautiful Dropshipping Coffee Mugs Online Shop + Android App

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Starter Site for sale using alidropship plugin

A Starter Site is a brand new website. As it has recently been launched, it's unlikely to have traffic, revenue, or page rank.

The site got 1 Sell in the First Week Profesional SEO and Much More feature.

Seller Bio
As a web developer, I create and design custom high-quality websites and sell them to customers who want to start their own drop shipping business you can see my full portfolio here https://bit.ly/2HaSPTE

Why should someone buy this store?
A dropshipping store is a very easy and low-cost way to start an online business. The store doesn't require skills of coding - you just play an e-commerce game that allows you to earn additional money.

How can the future owner improve the business?
The future owner can add more products (recommended) to the store and the main thing the future owner needs to do is get traffic.

What is required to keep the business operational?
You will need to acquire new customers, market and fulfill orders and hosting. The time you want to spend will totally depend on you.

Why are you selling the business?
I like to create new WordPress stores (usually using the Dropshipping model) and helping people to start their own e-commerce business without having to spend a fortune to get started.

How will Muqly.com generate revenue?
Mainly, through drop shipping from Aliexpress.

Are there any expenses for the business? If so, what are they?

Hosting I can provide you a link to a perfect hosting with free SSL and custom business email and SSD hard drive for faster performance free domain for life and much more for a low price

Is the website SEO Ready?
Yes the website has been done from scratch every page has it set ready and has been published on the most search engine to allow the bot to crawl faster and index the site

Website Dropshipping Feature?
  • One-click import of products from AliExpress millions of product to choose from for Free
  • Send orders to AliExpress suppliers in a single click
  • onsite product editor
  • automatic product updates
  • Set your profit margins exactly where you want them
  • worldwide free shipping
  • secure payment gateway
  • easy management and marketing with our automated solutions
  • Full automation to bring in sales 24-7
  • Add unlimited amount of products
  • Search & import Use different integrated filters to find desired AliExpress products and then add them to your website easily.
  • Automated order Forget about ordering every product manually. Just click the 'Order' button and confirm the order on AliExpress.
  • Auto-updating The auto-updating system keeps your product info fresh and corresponding to the latest data from AliExpress.
  • Cash-back system Earn 8% commission on each purchase as an added bonus to your main dropshipping source of income.
  • Pricing automation Use an advanced pricing markup formula to apply your rules for particular products or all items in your store.
  • Auto order tracking The Plugin checks your orders for tracking updates and sends notification emails to your clients automatically.
  • ePacket shipping filter Easily finds products with ePacket shipping option to offer your customers a fast and free delivery service.
  • An unlimited number of products There's no limit to the number or type of products you can sell in your Aliexpress drop shipping store.
  • Product reviews Engage your customers and encourage sales with the option to import reviews into your site directly from AliExpress.
  • Beautiful pop up to engage customer and sale more
  • Reward point to engage more customer
  • translator ready
  • currency ready
Is The website GDPR Ready?
Yes the website is fully GDPR ready that include the term of service and privacy policy

How did I know Aliexpress supplier is Safe?
no need to worry aliexpress offer payment through a secure escrow service which the supplier doesn't get paid until you confirm the product safe plus offer buyer protection that means Refund Guarantee If you didn't receive your product or it is significantly different to the description, they guarantee to refund your payment.
On-Time Delivery Guarantee We want to ensure that your purchase will arrive on time, therefore we provide a guarantee that products will be delivered by a set date.

Is Muqly secure?
Yes we added top security to the website using most powerful plugin plus custom code to ensure your customer shop safe
also we have added SSL and added Cloudflare to maximize the website security

Does the website have Analytics?
yes the site is built in analytics you can see where the customer is coming from and what they are searching in your website

Will you transfer the site to my Hosting?
Yes for sure we can do that at no cost

I Can't Afford a hosting at the moment can you help me?
yes, you can leave the website at our hosting until the hosting expires on 21/01/2020 for free.

Is there any social media included?
no, the website muqly.com don't have social media

Does the website have an android app?
Yes it does fully synchronize with the website automatic

What is the app feature?

Reward Points
Loyalty is the most expensive commodity better you reward your regular customers by awarding the prize of choosing your application again and again.

Push Notifications
Let your business grab all the attention by providing customers with all regular updates instantly.

Delivery Tracking
Let the customer Keep an eye over the product right from placing order till delivery.

In-App Coupons
Want a win-win situation? Provide extra incentive to customers on the purchase and get more business.

Scratch Cards
Keep your customers engaged by providing them with fun ways of getting prizes.

All App Features
  • Product Listing
  • Product Listing Grid-view
  • Product image view(Zooming and pinch)
  • Product Sharing
  • Product Detail(all specification, Variation, Rating and more)
  • Filters
  • Sorting(Newest First, Rating, Popularity, Price- High to Low, Price- Low to High)
  • Category Listing
  • Searching
  • WishList
  • Cart
  • Product Type (Simple, Variable, Group)
  • Search History
  • Address
  • Orders
  • Facebook Login
  • Google Login
  • Profile
  • Recently Visited Product
  • Most Popular product
  • Todays Special Deal(Schedule Product)
  • Feature Box(Example:- Free-shipping, 10 days Replacement, Easy Refund kind of text)(Can be set From Admin)
  • About us
  • Contact us (Can be set From Admin)
  • Social Links(Can be set From Admin)
  • Notification Enable/Disabled
  • Notification History(Like Order Placed, Order status change and many more)
  • Rate the App
  • Account Setting
  • Change Password
  • Deactivate Account
  • Rate & Review
  • Clear History
  • Privacy Policy(Can be set From Admin)
  • WebView Checkout(Support all the payment which woo-commerce supports)
Is there and IOS APP?
No sorry no ios app

Can I see the android app Live?
Yes the app is live at the google play store check it out https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.muqly.shop

What I will get if I purchased the website?
1. Complete website muqly.com
2. premium 5 letter domain Muqly.com with logo
3. Free transfer to your hosting if you want
4. Android Apk to upload to your play store account or I can transfer the app to your play store account

What do I need to get started?

1. hosting you can grab one here it offers free SSL or you can leave the website in our hosting until it expires
https://bit.ly/2GE7WVg (Recommended)

2. Free Cloudflare Account this is to add a layer of security to the website

3. Firebase developer accounts it's free.

4. One signal is required to add push notification it's free

5 . google play store developer account to upload the mobile app this is a $25 one time fee

6. Namesilo account to transfer the domain

7. Free after ship account for tracking order in the site and app synchronize
if you have any question don hesitate to contact me I will gladly help you

You can see the full listing here

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