Social Rabbit Went Rogue

Hi Alidropship and Social Rabbit,

I've asked about SR's kept asking for the licence key when it was operating fine for the past 2 weeks, I still have another 2 weeks left in my subcription. However, this is the reply I found from Alidropship messenger in Facebook.

Quote Alidropship reply:
[We are very sorry, but due to our PayPal account was banned recently, the subscription of your license had stopped. In order to renew the subscription, we have to ask you to subscribe the Rabbit again with your credit card, and we'll refund your money in that case. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.]

Sorry, I dont quite understand, I have to re-subscribe again, pay using credit card forr your services for a 2nd time, and then you will refund my money paid using paypal in the 1st subcription ? is this correct ? Is it possible for you to refund my paypal 1st before i subscribe again please ?