Social Rabbit - Twitter Authorization - 'Forbidden'


I'm not in the least bit technical, but have followed guidance on the KB, YouTube and Google and I just can't get Social Rabbit to facilitate the authorization of my Twitter account. I can generate the keys, but whether I use the app or attempt the manual approach I simply get the 'Forbidden' message. Is someone able to point me in the right direction please?

I've been to the Twitter Developer site and generated my Consumer Key and Consumer Secret codes, but when I enter these in SR, Authorize, Authorize with Twitter I just get a 'Forbidden' error message. I'm probably doing something really daft, but any help would be great please.


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Is there any progress on this issue? I have the same "Forbidden" error on both the SocialRabbit automatic authorization option and my own app using Twitter API.


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Hi, BaB!
Do you have your own API approved? If yes, please PM me a screenshot and I'll check if there are any mistakes that should be edited to make it work.
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Make sure, you didn't forget a slash sign and to allow to be signed in Twitter
Please have a look at my posting again. I described exactly the circumstances and what I have done. I also posted a video what I have done, please watch it really carefully again:
I have no idea were to find what you have shown in your screenshots. SR-Twitter Login simply doesn't work as described here:
I'm currently in the free trail of SR and I really want do buy the full version, but I won't if its partially broken.