Social Rabbit and Facebook Business. Related questions


I have Facebook Business and the Social Rabbit plugin. Where is the part to configure the type of campaign, PPE or conversion, the daily budget for the ad campaign and the country to which I want to direct them where do I find it? When I indicate the time of publication, which time zone am I using, that of my country or which one? After configuring the social rabbit, should I configure other parameters in Facebook Business? How and where do I define posts instead of standard ads?


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Hi, agonia!
Facebook Business has been created to synchronize your webstore with Facebook’s Product Catalog( so, its main function is to transfer the product catalog to your Facebook Business manager, automate this process), where you can run your Facebook promotion/ Ads.
SocialRabbit is a WordPress plugin for auto-running and auto-promoting your websites in most popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Main Features:
Smart Posting – Shares content of your website in social accounts.
Social Accounts Promotion – Boosts your Facebook and Instagram accounts via attracting mass attention to them.
Post Grabber – Finds popular content relevant to your niche and publishes it in your accounts.

These add-ons can't create or lead ads, they transfer the products from your website to Facebook Business( FB add-ons) and auto-posts pics of your products and other (entertaining) pics to accounts of your store on social media and follows users( Social Rabbit). It helps to grow your audience and keep your accounts busy. Besides, you can schedule all the posts for 4 your social networks in one place, promote your accounts, attracting attention by giving likes, following and commenting another accounts, if shortly) I advise you to have a look at these good articles about this perfect promo tool - an old one