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I'm having a few instagram accounts right now linked with my alidropship website doing fine gaining around 100-300 followers each day. However managing it can be risky. What do you guys do to prevent bans and what software do you use?

I'm using socialrabbitplugin, and massplanner. For free checkups for related ig pages I visit
To prevent bans I'm using private dedicated proxies for each instagram.

However it's still a learning curve and probably good if we share strategies here to protect our websites/brands.
The social media is very important today life.all news and job information are get from the social today youngsters support the social media.thank you for sharing this information.the social media are watsapp,hike,twitteretc..the instagram is used risky so use the is secure and end to end encryption.


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What about Facebook, are you guys using your real facebook profile?

And if not how do u handle the facebook goverment ID verification?

If someone know a good trick this theme it would be greatly appreciated if shared! :D
Got the same question as Rewall, are you guys using your personal facebook profiles when using social rabbit? If that's the case, isn't it a risk that the profile will be banned?