Smart Gadget Store for Sale

Good Day People

If you are looking to start your own online store with the Niche Products.

I'm willing to sell my store as i've something come up into my life and not able to spend more time on my store.

The Store was made on Smart Gadget concept.
Please take a look The store is ready to be promoted

Alidropship Plugin installed
Paypal is integrated
Facebook Pixel is integrated
Paid images are uploaded
Niche products are included

I' provide you all the credentials of my store and the hosting plat form details

Feel free to contact me, and if you like it you can place the offer me in PM
As said above, i'm not promoting this website because i've some family issues going on, and want to sell this asap. but i'm sure promote this you definitely will make money.

I'll handover everything to buyer