Single Product Promo Page (NOT AVAILABLE)

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Ekaterina Sayapina

Staff member
Single product promo page add-on is available for beta testing!
The add-on is a promo page designed to deliver an outstanding customer experience and drive sales by highlighting a specific item. It is compatible with AliDropship original plugin and all the built-in themes.
To learn how to configure the add-on settings, please refer to this guide.
Demo promo page.
You are very welcome to take part in beta testing. Just send me a pm with your AliDropship plugin license key to get started.

P.S. Please make sure you have updated your theme to the latest version: DaVinci 0.11.8, Michelangelo 0.11.8, Rembrandt 3.6.7.
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Andre M

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Plugin tinymce text, use this edit product insert description, and doesn't show only the normal of wp, also its was great to add shipping cost if we want and limit buy for customers
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