Shortcodes List for Themes?

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list of shortcodes that can be used in Alidropship themes
There are none.

Some 3rd party plugins may have shortcodes you can insert into Alidropship theme files, but you'll have to make a child theme and edit the HTML/PHP in the files to insert them. But you'd have to know what you're doing.

e.g In the Davinci theme I inserted a shortcode for a Skype Button plugin in the header.php file of the theme. It required replacing the code for the Phone number. And I also replaced the code for the McAfee logo with a shortcode for a Google Translate plugin ... also in the header.php file of the theme.

I think you're getting confused with Woocommerce perhaps. It has a list of shortcodes to insert in the Home page for "Latest Products", "Best Sellers" etc