Shipment status/tracking update not working


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Anyone facing issue with the Tracking function, which is used for updating order delivery status & shipment tracking details from AliExpress to all the orders in our store? When I click on the All Sync button to update the status of all the orders, the processing icon on the All Sync button spins forever and does not stop.
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Try checking your error logs at control panel of server. I had this issue, it appeared I had some problem with "shipped order" template in my woocommerce settings as I edited it once :)


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Hi, I have the same issue and I was told by the support that it is not their problem and I should get in touch with woocommerce support :D All my other email notifications work (new order, order completed etc), so it clearly is problem on Alidropship side rather than woocommerce. Resolved it with another plugin but it doesn't send email automatically - each order needs to be manually selected to sent the shipped notification. The plugin is called WooCommerce Order Status Manager if you're interested.