Set up mobile proxies from your phone using the app. Cheaper than renting. From any country in the world.


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You need to install the iProxy app for Android devices and you will get your private mobile proxies. No coding skills are required, the setup is done entirely automatically. Absolutely anyone can do it.

Watch the setup video from Eugeune, the founder of the #SmoguVse service: is an Android mobile app that lets you set up mobile proxies from your phone. This means the proxy will use your phone’s mobile Internet. And the proxy’s mobile operator will match the one of the phone’s SIM card.

In simple terms, You can make your phone into a hotspot and connect your pc to it, or use iProxy to distribute that same traffic.

Key advantages

● The price. Our service lets you to save up to 50 usd/monthly on mobile proxies
● You can launch proxies in any city, any country in the world - quickly and easily. You’ll get a proxy from the city/country the phone is located in
● High service quality: fast, private, mobile proxies

If you need proxies from a country or city you aren’t currently in, you have 2 options available:
1) Choose a verified mobile proxy provider from our catalog
2) Ask a friend who is currently in the target country to install our app and launch a proxy for you.

Technical features of the proxies you’ll get:

- HTTP, SOCKS5 support
- High speed
- IP address change and rotation
- A Telegram bot for notifications and IP address changes
- Traffic calculations
- Authorization by login/password or by IP address
- DNS spoofing
- Uptime notifications (if the proxies stop working - you will instantly be notified about it)
- A friendly tech support team

You can also start a farm on your phones and make money on it.
Example of a mobile proxy farm:



We will talk about this in more detail in a separate article on this forum.

Learn more about on the official website, get a free 2 day test trial right now!


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Thanks for sharing about iProxy! Setting up mobile proxies without coding sounds great! Saving up to $50 a month is a big deal, too. I'm intrigued by the idea of launching proxies from any city or country with ease. Plus, the technical features like HTTP and SOCKS5 support, IP address rotation, and DNS spoofing seem really robust. Is there any other mobile proxy you would recommend? Please share your advice!
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